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  • Therapearl

Therapearl is a doctor designed hot & cold therapy in one pack. It doesn't leak or drip during use. Therapearl is kid-friendly, non-toxic & reusable. You can put it in the freezer or microwave.

It is perfect for:
~ Sprains / Muscle Aches
~ Post-Surgical Relief
~Workout Soreness
~ Swelling / Puffiness / Bruising
~ Arthritis Relief
~ Cosmetic Surgery
~ Facials / Spa Treatments
~ Post-Waxing
~ Migraines / Headaches
~ Toothaches
~ Hot Flashes

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Sport Pack     4.5x7 in     $12.72

Back Wrap     13.75x7.75 in    $26.50

Neck Wrap     13.75x12.5 in    $31.80

Eye Pack    3x7 in    $12.99

Pearl Pack     2.75x5 in     $8.48

Contours Pack    3.75 in diameter   $8.48

Knee Wrap     14x10.25 in     $21.20

Shin Wraps -2      6x10 in     $26.50

Face Mask     9.5x8.75 in    $21.20

Ankle/ Wrist Wrap    11x4 in     $13.78

Pal Packs   3.75x.75x5.5 in   $6.35
(Frog, Panda, Puppy, Pig)

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  • Mary Kay

All Mary Kay items avaiable. We have the newest products and regular line items. We have most everything on the shelves in the office, if not we can get them ordered for you. You can look at all the products at the website below.

  • Biofreeze

Biofreeze Pain Reliever is a topical analgesic that delivers the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy "cold therapy" in an effecitve, convenient to use formula. It decreases pain and reduces inflammation. It facilitates ease of movement, which promotes faster healing and recovery.
Biofreeze is fast-acting cold therapy for:
~ Sore muscles
~ Muscle sprains & strains
~ Back, shoulder & neck pain
~ Painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints
Biofreeze helps manager pain associates with:
~ Bursitis
~ Diabetic neuropathy

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Gel     $16.00

Roll-On     $16.00

Self Applicator     $16.00

360 Spray   $16.00

Spray    $16.00

All prices include taxes!!

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